Ports of Call

Orlando (Port Canaveral)

       Hi, I'm Port Canaveral on the Space Coast.  In addition to being the main launching site for all things space, I really know how to have a good time.  
       I'm a total blast, literally. My space center has captured the hearts and minds of dreamers and space travelers for decades. People say my heads in the clouds, but it's really way higher than that!
      Cocoa Beach is my local sandy spot. And its every bit as sweet as the name suggests. Get a surf lesson and Hang-ten, or just look the part at the world-famous surf shop.
      Visit a film production studio and theme park. Scream your face off on my rides. Eat popcorn and cotton Candy. Once again, I'm a blast. It's a universal truth. 

Grand Turk

        Hi, I'm Grand Turk, named after the Turk Cap Cactus. I'm the ultimate animal lover. There are many reason I love my critters; They're funny, sweet and adorable. But allow me to be specific. 

      Trust me, stingrays always make a splash with the whole family! Take a snorkeling trip with me and prepare to be fascinated by these majestic creatures. 

      For my beautiful fish, the compliments just keep coming! Take a catamaran ride. Grab your snorkeling gear. You, too, will be doling out the compliments left and right. An upways and downways.

      As neigh-sayers go, my horses are actually quite optimistic. Join them for a ride and a swim. Then the fun continues as you view my North Creek and spot some flamingos. No neighs. Just yays.  

Amber Cove

      Hi, I'm Amber Cove of Puerto Plata, in the Dominican Republic. I'm known to do things a bit out of the ordinary, like take people for rides on my country's only cable car. I'm wildly fun. 

      I absolutely love motors and will take you on the go-anywhere dune buggy ride of a lifetime. The only real question is, "Can you keep up?"

      Why swim with fish, when you can swim with dolphins? 500-pound creatures don't scare me! In fact, they're quite friendly and majestic. Care to join me for a swim?

      What's my ideal day? Zip-lining through the air, horseback riding and finally...some megatruck-ing! Judging from your face, you were expecting a different answer. Hey, I'm honest!

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